The Council of Italian Restaurants in Australia

CIRA Awards 2015

The Council of Italian Restaurants in Australia aims to expand Italian culinary culture, increase public knowledge of both traditional and evolving values in Italian food and encourage informed experimentation in the industry. 

Due to the success of the CIRA ALMA Young Talent Award, CIRA has decided to run a second competition, ‘Cuochi si Nasce’ which will be open to chefs who are employed in an Italian restaurant.  This competition will be judged at the CIRA Cooking School on the 19th October on the same day as the Young Talent event.  These two competitions are a fantastic opportunity for chefs who have the chance to win some amazing prizes including travel and restaurant dining experiences.  Please encourage all your chefs to apply – the experience of participating in itself is invaluable – the chefs will have the chance to meet and receive feedback from the chefs who will be judging the competition.

CIRA Award Recipients Announced - October 2015

On Monday 27th October 2014 at Balla Modern Italian Restaurant the 2014 Young Talent Award Winner was announced.  Congratulations to Emanuele Pagliarini from Via Alta Restaurant.

Previous Events

Click here to watch a short video of the 'La Gran Grigliata'.

The current Officers and Executive Committee members are: 

President:  Giovanni Pilu
Vice President:  Alessandro Pavoni
Treasurer:  Anna Pavoni
Secretary:  Marilyn Annecchini

Committee Members:
Roberto Dessanti
Eugenio Maiale
Paolo Orso
Danny Russo
Gabriele Taddeucci
Piero Tantini
Giuseppe Zagari




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