Tradi’tion ˆn. Belief or custom handed down from ancestors to posterity, orally or by practice
Evolu’tion n. Development, origination of species by adaptation to local circumstances

For most Australians, “la cucina Italiana”  is the first way they meet Italian culture. The image of Italy, after Italian art, is most strongly linked  to the themes of 'cucina' and gastronomy.

Alongside tradition, there is a developing Italian-Australian style, enriched with local flavours and values. Evolution of food happens in the home regions as well as in countries of emigration. Australia has sometimes been described as Italy’s 21st region. There are boundaries however beyond which a food is not any more “Italian” CIRA and no doubt other people in the industry are interested in exploring such boundaries, in order to sharpen Australian senses for Italian food and wine and their regional history and meaning; and exchange know-how with other members of the industry and the public, particularly with new generations of chefs and restaurateurs.


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